Saturday, November 6, 2010

Can I just say....

That there is just something about a man walking through the house smelling good that makes me smile?

I mean, it's alot better then these teenage boy smells, right?

I received a sample of AXE Body spray & Deodorant a few weeks ago. I thought, oh I'll give that to our oldest son, that will help combat these 'teenage' boy smells too won't it? Instead I sat it on top of our cabinet in the master bath. Well the hubby has been using it and I just love the smell of this stuff!! I have to be careful with perfumes or scented lotions that I wear because they have a tendency to offset a migraine. So I love getting the sample size first. This stuff smells so good that I'm going to buy both of the guys in my house their own!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. *takes a big sniff* Don't think I'm too weird, will ya?


Lisa @ akawest said...

Most scent triggers asthma attacks for me, but I am able to tolerate Neutrogena's shaving gel, which is a wonderful smell on my husband.

Have fun with the Axe...don't get all freaky like in the commercials. Hehehe!

Jenny said...

Hello! I hopped over from my sister's blog "Memoirs of a mommy." I LOVE the Axe body sprays, they are just delicious. If you have a body spray that you just love and you want you're husband/boyfriend to wear it all you have to do is put it on the counter in hopes it'll catch his eye and he'll use it. Or you can just spray it on him while he's asleep, not speaking from experience or anything ;) Great post and I love you're blog!