Thursday, January 13, 2011


Once again we have more then 6 inches so snow outside. For three weeks in December we had over 12 each week. Now we're going on the second week of January following the same tread. At least we did get a 4wd vehicle on New Years Eve so hubby is making it out to work even if that still leaves me stranded at home with the kids all day everyday (because of where we live - it's not like this everywhere here). So I decided a treat was in order for all of us today.

Homemade SnowCream.

And one of my biggest craving downfalls is always what I call 'wedding cake' white cake with the real buttercream icing. Well I've never made the icing myself before, honestly I always thought it was hard to do. I changed my mind over the weekend and decided I would attempt it. So after ballet on Monday I made sure I had everything I needed from the store for Tuesday. Granted I used a box cake mix this time (wasn't willing to do it all from scratch ) and this is the result. It's pretty good but oh so not good for my 'diet' waistline!!!

Have you made anything yummy lately?


Jewely Bug said...

Oh my goodness! That sure looks gooood. :)
I haven't made sweets since Christmas but I did make some yummy homemade Cheesy Ham, Potato and Corn Chowder this week. Mmm.

Lisa @ akawest said...