Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What can brown do for YOU?

Since we moved to this house I've had 'opinions' on FedEx, wait scratch that, even at our other house we had issues with FedEx. There they would never deliver things on time, I even had to chase down the truck one time to get a paycheck that had been over nighted to my hubby. Here you're lucky if you get it on the day you're supposed to because 1.) they can't find you or 2) they put it on the wrong truck THEN call & say they can't find you or 3.) if it's sprinkling they won't come out our dirt road. Mind you it's a nice dirt & gravel road 98% of the year and it's flat ground, not mountainous ( see my header up there? when it's snow and ice it might not be ). However, UPS? They have always delivered when tracking information says they would, one time they called to verify where we were, after that they have always been able to find us.

In December I ordered family portraits, for different family members, as a Christmas present. Now it was before the 15th when I ordered them but because of the site saying it could take 3-5 days processing time then shipping time I was a little afraid they wouldn't be delivered in time for family Christmas gatherings via regular shipping methods. So, I forked over the $9 they wanted for 2 day shipping.

Well a snow 'storm' came along and they shipped the things like the next day but FedEx kept showing a stupid excuse (something like weather delay) after it got in to town. I can't remember the exact wording but they wouldn't attempt to deliver.... for two days. Now they have this policy, three attempts then they return it to the sender, so I called and had it held at the local FedEx store for my husband to pick up. And guess what? That $9 fee I paid for expedited shipping was not refunded. However, something else that had been ordered was delivered by UPS that same week.

Fast forward to this week. Our oldest received money for Christmas that he used to buy a Sony Bloggie video camera. It was shipped via FedEx, supposed to be here last Friday. Nope, again there was snow on the ground so they wouldn't attempt delivery. Finally on Tuesday (when the tracking information said it was being held in the FedEx distribution center) they showed up, after I had left to get dd to ballet class on time, I passed them & turned around to come back and get it or they would have taken it back with them.

And to today, our youngest ordered a Razor motorcycle (with money he received for Christmas and we paid the rest for his birthday present) on Monday. I didn't even receive shipping notice until this morning and was super surprised when tracking information showed it being on truck for delivery today. Well, if you've seen a national weather forecast then you know we've been hit with snow again. It was pouring rain this morning, by noon it had changed to snow, several inches of big, fat, WET snow, schools released early even my husbands office closed early & he said roads were horrible when he came in. So, we really didn't expect anything to be delivered today ( we were also expecting some sound equipment that had been ordered for church & a package from FedEx for the church too). We sure were surprised when someone pulled in our driveway! There was the motorcycle & the sound equipment packages from UPS, being delivered by the guy in (I'm assuming) his own personal 4wd vehicle. Talk about service! And of course FedEx didn't deliver, maybe tomorrow! ;)

Now, I'll apologize if I've offended anyone if you or family members or whatever work for FedEx, I didn't mean to. But I guarantee you from now on if we have a choice between something being delivered by FedEx or UPS, we'll choose brown every time, hands down.

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