Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weight Loss Tips

In June of 2009 I saw a picture of my husband and I on the beach from our vacation that really just made me ill. I had said several times I wasn't happy with my weight, made excuses it was the RX I was on, I didn't have time to exercise, etc. It took seeing this picture for it to really  hit home and make me think to myself, that's it, I'm done I refuse to keep this weight on. I'm going to get up & get moving. From July 2009-spring of 2010 I lost 30lbs. I have friends & family that keep asking me what I did, tips, which diet etc so I thought why not post it here in case it can help any of you that read my blog?

Now, first thing I want to make loud and clear, I am NOT a medical professional (and these opinions are soley that, MY opinions) so I can only tell you the weight loss tips that worked for me, doesn't mean they will work for you but I was at that point where I figured it couldn't hurt, maybe you are too? And again, not everything works the same way for everyone. I thought I'd break it down into several posts, and if something strikes you as odd or whatever, don't hesistate to ask me something & I'll answer in my next post. And I'm going to try to do these weekly, if not more often, as long as I can get my internet to co-operate ( the price we pay to live in privacy :) is slow internet ).

Tip #1
Drink Water, lots & lots of water. I think I just heard several groans out there. ;)

When I first started this journey I gave up pretty much everything except water. Have you read the labels on pop (soda/coke/ whatever you call it in your neck of the woods), tea (not the green tea healthier kind, but the normal tea & here we drink it sweet, the sweeter the better), milk (depending on what kind you drink), coffee (and whatever you add to it), Kool-aid, even juice? And I'll just go ahead and say it now, I don't like Diet anything, aspartame is not good for you!! Fake processed sweeteners (Sweet n low etc.) are not good for you!

We don't keep soda in our house so I only drank it at my parents house & tea for Sunday dinners mostly to begin with but yes it was still hard to do. I never gave up milk, not really. I drink 2% milk, always have and always will. I drink at least one 16 oz. glass of milk every morning with my breakfast ( I plan to do a post on what I might eat in a given day too).

And please, I'm not saying if you're going to give this stuff up to do it cold turkey, I wouldn't want you to experience caffeine withdrawal effects. Believe me I have done that, I was once drinking at least one a day if not more but since I quit work to be a stay at home mom 12 yrs ago it dropped alot as I wouldn't add that to our grocery budget. So do it wisely a little at a time!

Water is good for you!! We don't have great tap water but I don't buy bottled (unless it's for traveling or taking to a gym etc)instead we have the filter pitcher that we keep full in our fridge (at our old house it was built into our in the door fridge system, our fridge here doesn't have that) and we put it in a thermos and take it with us to ballet etc. It can give you energy, it washes toxins out of your system, prevents dehydration (which can cause those nasty headaches & other issues too!) etc.  I've heard people complain they just don't like the taste of it, add a lemon slice, add a orange slice, add a strawberry slice! You CAN add flavor without adding alot of sugar & calories.

Now that I've lost the weight I allow my self a splurge of pop (usually this is if I feel a headache coming on ~ which I have only had 2 migraines since December of 2010 when I began seeing a Naturopath but that's another post) once in a blue moon and I will drink a glass, maybe two of tea (which is now decaf with less then 1/2 cup of sugar per quart we make)with our Sunday dinner or if I feel a cold coming on I will have some hot tea.

Anyways, this is just something I thought I'd try out. Let me know if you like this idea & I'll keep posting my "tips"

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