Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking forward to 2012

Looking forward to 2012 is there something that you'd like to do more of?  Maybe there is something that you do now, but you'd like to change?

I am not one for making resolutions.  Not really because I wouldn't follow through, but alot of the most common resolutions such as quit drinking, quit smoking, quit swearing as much, lose weight, etc. I never did to begin with so I don't need to qui.  And I am still below the goal weight I set in late 2009 and acheived in 2010 so that one is taken care of.

I do set reading goals for myself.  Usually so many books a year, I think this year just to make it interesting I may try to track how many pages I read, just to see how many that is in those books.

Also, if we're looking forward, is there something you are looking forward to doing or experiencing? Maybe a vacation you know is coming up, a wedding or graduation etc in your family?  I'm not really looking forward to anything like that.  We're not sure what our vacation plans will be, we're up in the air right now. 

If I just look forward to the calendar page of January 2012 I almost want to crawl in a hole & hibernate.  Every . stinking. evening. we have something going on.  Monday, Tuesday, and Friday evenings are ballet.  Sunday morning & evening & Wednesday evening are church. Thursday evenings our youngest has basketball practice.  Friday evenings the hubby is playing is some recreational church volleyball league.  Saturday mornings at 9:00 or 10:15 youngest has basketball games, daughter has ballet from 11-12:30, at least if she doesn't have rehearsals too (which she will Snow White is February 3rd).  I'm not pulling my kids out of their activities, need to actually squeeze something in the oldest, younger son's only last till first weekend in March, daughter is talented dancer & loves it, I'll just not see my hubby for a while I guess! lol!

Oh well, what are you looking forward to in 2012?

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jenn said...

Happy New Year Jennifer! I am looking forward to finally filing for divorce and turning 40. I know, weird things to look forward to, but that's me these days! :)