Tuesday, March 20, 2012


According to the Miriam Webster Dictionary this is one of the definitions of the word diet:

di·et noun \ˈdī-ət\

d : a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one's weight

I have never liked that word, or the actions it seems to describe. 

How many times in your life have you said you were "going on a diet" only to fall off the wagon and regain the weight you lost?  Or what about your friends?  In today's society I know everyone knows someone who is or has been on a diet.  Even in junior high and high school I remember some friends moms who were doing the Weight Watcher's thing, hitting their lifetime goal being all gung ho and excited about that.  Lo and behold not a year later they were no longer following their 'diet' and they had gained back their weight and then some most times.  To this day I still know people who are experiencing the same thing, whether they have followed the WW diet, the Atkins diet, or some other fad diet out there. I hear friends mentioning their 'diet' and loosing weight and I think, but if you quit following that will you still keep the weight off? My way of doing it seems to be healthier to me, rather then see-sawing with a lot of weight many times. (no offense to any of you who do follow any of those diet programs, I'm just curious & not cut out for those)

So in August of 2009 when I finally got fed up enough with myself to decide I was going to get in shape and lose some weight, I never once said I was going on or was on a diet.  I was determined it would be a lifestyle change.  I started out just adding a lot of exercise to my life, (exercise that had just slipped since having another baby in 2004) and cutting out the junk food I was consuming. 

While pregnant with our youngest I had been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.  I immediately went on a medication for that, especially after googling it and reading all the consequences a baby "could" have if left untreated.  I also learned to NOT google a medical condition anymore, there will be all kinds of bad things you will find & good things, but your mind will only absorb the bad things & cause you to freak out ;-).  Anyways, in 2009 I started doing some research about foods that can cause that condition, foods that aren't good for someone with thyroid conditions and vice versa. I learned a little, but still felt like I didn't know enough so I discussed it with my Naturopath at my next appointment.  When I left there I had a list of foods that were favorable and unfavorable to me, my body type, and my condition based upon some answers to a quiz she gave me.  I then incorporated that into my daily routine along with the exercise & less junk consumption.

We also invested in a Wii Fit and the first day I weighed in I was horrified at the number I saw and the fact that I was just barely away from the obese answer based upon BMI, weight, height on there.  I achieved the goal they said I needed to become 'normal' and achieved the goal weight number I had in my own head, actually surpassed those numbers sometime in 2010.

Lately, I have gone up maybe two pounds from my lowest weight since I started this lifestyle change.  I know I have let some eating habits slip, (I am getting tired of salad! And the junk is creeping back in :(  )and the exercise routine slip too.  I have kicked up my exercise routine again, it helps that my hubby is in a weight lifting class once a week and doing more to stay in shape too.  But it's still eating at me that I am going up, even with all the exercise and watching my food intake the last three weeks. 

Yes, I know it's just  a number.  And, I can't forget the whole muscle weighs more then fat spiel.  Oh! Even better?  My husband is the heaviest he's ever been thanks to the weight lifting class *insert eye roll here*.  The man also eats anything and everything he wants .... you know chocolate and all that while I sip a fruit smoothie sort of things. 

I mean, even now I'm thinking I need to do even more to get in shape, tone muscles, lose fat. Does what your husband or maybe your close friends, say to you matter? Do you set a goal and hit it and just stay there or what?   I am still below that initial goal I had set for myself, but this got me to wondering, are we, as women, ever really truly satisfied with our weight, how we look etc?

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