Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A few weeks ago, as the weather finally got nice we were invited to a quickly thrown together last minute cookout.  The kids had already been asking me to make a cake.  I've decided cupcakes are easier, already portion controlled and they stay fresh because you don't cut into them.  So I was asked to bring a dessert and thought this way I'd kill two birds with one stone.  But, I wanted something light & airy, not a heavy cake so this is what I came up with and they were easy.

1 box of white cake mix
Ingredients called for on cake box
1 small box of jello, any flavor
and any white frosting of your choice (whether it be cool whip, store bought, or homemade butter cream it's up to you!!!).

I mixed the cake mix per the instructions on the box and added 1/2 of the box of jello (I used the tropical) combined it all together, poured it into the cupcake liners in the pan and baked per the box.

While they were baking I mixed cool whip with the other half of the jello, you may want to actually use a hand mixer for this stage no matter which frosting you choose to make sure it's all mixed in and not grainy later.  Once they were baked & cooled I simply spread it on top and viola' they were done!!

Now, I did use cool whip so I kept them refrigerated until time for the cookout & if it were really hot outside I'd recommend keeping them chilled as long as possible or it will just melt.

Mine turned out to be a pretty pinkish coral color because of the jello I used so if you are having a themed party you may want to keep in mind that which ever jello you use will tint your cake mix & frosting.

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